Welcome to The Remedial Homemaker.

Here you will find my grace-based, always honest, blundering-and-trying journey to re-learn what it means to be a Christian Homemaker, and why it even matters.

Can we learn to fully embrace God’s design for women to prioritize home and family, for us to transform residences into Christian homes where the gospel is made much of and God’s ways are shown to be good and satisfying? What if you are not very successful in the domestic arena but you still want to learn? What if your whole career and education prepared you for, um, not this?

How can we begin to resist the pull of culture and instead create gospel-centered places where our marriages and families can thrive? How can you manage a home reasonably well and learn to enjoy doing it? Is that a thing anymore?

This is what The Remedial Homemaker is all about.

I’d love for you to come along with me, nurturing joy in what seems mundane and small, but isn’t small at all.  We’ll practice leaning into grace as we figure out how to get better at this remarkable lost art of keeping a home well and do it for the right reasons. We can practice together, and I hope it will build courage and hope into your day.

Married, single, stay at home, work outside, children or not, Christian sister, this blog is for you.

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