Quiz! Are you a Remedial Homemaker too?

RH Quiz (1)

I hope you studied because this, as you may have heard, is a super duper scientific quiz. Here we go!

  1. Are you a woman?
  2. Do you live in some kind of physical space?
  3. Do you struggle as you try to ride the pendulum between perfectionism and negligence in your home, marriage, or mothering?  …Or homeschooling?
  4. Are you, just maybe, extra special like me, repeatedly careening off the pendulum, crashing headlong into negligence and perfectionism both with startling regularity and a sparkly dose of, “I don’t know what the crap I’m doing!  I spent my life preparing for NOT THIS!  Why is it so hard!?  Didn’t I just clean that??! Jesus take the wheel pendulum!!!”

If you answered the first two in the affirmative, then you are a homemaker according to my definition.  Nice to meet you.  I’m so happy you’re here.

If you answered number three in the affirmative as well, welcome, please follow along so that my remedial blundering progress may encourage you.

If you answered yes to all four of my brilliant and super duper scientific questions then you are a card-carrying citizen of Remedial Homemakerville.  I’m your huckleberry banner waver. Welcome!  Let’s see if any cups are clean so that we can have coffee and a chat, okay?  Hopefully the ladies who only answered yes through question three will take pity on us, loan us cups, and help out.  See?  Now, we’re all friends. Yay!

But what if you work outside the home, are single, or don’t have kids?

Did you notice how questions one and two of my quiz have absolutely nothing to do with how your family pays the bills or whether your family is small or large? Many of you work outside your home.  Hear from my heart that you are still homemakers, and I want you here too.  You are still the ones who set the atmosphere and greatly influence whether your house is a crash-pad or a home.  I don’t believe scripture prohibits women from earning money outside their homes.  It does, however, inform us that our best efforts, our most lasting influence, and greatest treasures are at home, with our people. We can all affirm this, and learn to embrace it, regardless of the variety of ways we live it out. I am a stay-at-home mom who missed the point of homemaking (more on that in upcoming posts).  I am not better, or more loved by God than you because I happened to miss the point of homemaking from inside my house rather than at my job. By virtue of our design and calling by God, all women–married, single, with kids, without, at home, or at work– are homemakers.  This blog is for you.

May your aprons and bibles both be well worn,

The Remedial Homemaker


4 thoughts on “Quiz! Are you a Remedial Homemaker too?

  1. Happy that I was introduced to this blog (and Facebook group) recently. I’m looking forward to catching up.

    Reading your motivations and struggles pretty much made me feel right at home.


  2. I’ve spent the morning catching up on all your blog posts, truly you are a kindred spirit❤. Thank you for being transparent and for seeking to encourage and point sisters in Christ to God’s word and His heart. I hope to join your FB group and share in your journey.
    (‘Scuse my name, I’m logged in under my 11 yr old ‘ s wordpress acct😄) ~H.Lee
    Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.


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