The Remedial Homemaker Community: practicing imperfect progress in 2 week chunks.


Welcome to The Remedial Homemaker Community!  Let us form a village.

Remember how in generations past, all the women in the village or neighborhood had reasonably similar homemaking routines?  They washed on monday, baked on friday, and had community as mothers, as wives, as women.  I want to recreate the best parts of village womanhood and adapt it to modern living. We now have very different schedules and lives, but we still need a village to grow in the arts of home. I want to be in that village with you.

The reason I chose to title myself “The Remedial Homemaker” is simple:  after my years of education in school, college, the workforce, and the church, I still need to learn a lot of foundational things about living well as a Christian woman, wife, and mother.  I have a college degree, I read great books, I teach my kids, I write hilarious text messages, but I can’t seem to manage my house consistently and with joy.

Despite my own mother’s demonstrated excellence as a working mom and homemaker (seriously, she’s a marvel), as a result of the culture I grew up in, I saw homemaking merely as a personality trait or lifestyle choice. I missed the point entirely. I thought it was an incidental and thoroughly routine set of skills for mundane chores which fell upon one magically, as the result of becoming a wife and mother.

Guess what?  Neither walking the aisle, nor waddling out of the hospital with my babies spontaneously combusted in me the ability to manage my home or my role as wife or mother with any degree of regularity or peace.  How rude of the universe, right?!

Yes, there are tasks involved. No, they don’t come naturally for everyone.  No, it’s not simply about what we do and don’t do.  And the secret?  There’s passion, creativity, inspiration, significance, personal growth and fun available in embracing this role.  God is into homemaking and he created me to grow my unique skills, interests, and abilities to image his heart in my homemaking.  Not someone else’s skills and personality–mine. It turns out, I am not the wrong kind of woman to be a homemaker. I don’t think you are either.

What’s Coming Up Next:

Starting Tuesday, every other week, I will post a real-life-doable homemaking habit for us to practice together as a village.  I will cover a principle, and a practice.  We will chat about what to try, and a way of seeing through the surface level to why it matters. Some people don’t need to know why it matters.  I do.  I need to know why making the bed isn’t pointless, so I’m going to talk about what I’ve learned over the last couple years in answer to that question.  As we go along, I will check in with you, and be completely honest about how it’s going down in my real life.  I’m not the expert here, but I’d like to be the lead learner. I’d like to gather a village of women together who want to better image God’s heart for the home in our daily lives.

To join in the fun, follow the blog and join our new Facebook group! That’s where we will chat it up about how it’s going as we imperfectly progress together.

Comment, share, and add friends so we can get our little village up and running.  Let’s start small and build momentum at a sustainable pace we can keep up even through the holidays.

Small steps, done consistently, are the secret to a manageable home.  I can’t wait to get started!

May your aprons and bibles both be well-worn,

The Remedial Homemaker


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