Homemaking Is Not Sentimental, Silly, or Small.

Homemaking may seem like a pedestrian topic to write about, and dishes a mere fact of life, but that’s not what it is to me. I’m not after the mere physical product. There’s more to it than that. 

For me, The Remedial Homemaker is about learning to delight in the liturgy of life, in submission to the truth that there is no divide between spiritual and earthly work. Dishes and discipleship, compost and contrition, washing and worship, loving and liturgy–they all alike glorify God when the life that does them enjoys him through them. 

And so I learn to make my bed, clear my table, tidy in small regular increments, and do my dishes. This is my “why”. I accept my “some” as good when it is godward and more about him than me, when it is more about quiet worship than about accomplishment or control. 

I’m aiming for delight in well-ordered affections and the habits that train them.

May your aprons and bibles both be well-worn, 

The Remedial Homemaker 


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